Applications for funding project (ENG)

Application for funding projects

Welcome to the website of the `Suikertantefonds’.

Because the Dutch term `Suikertantefonds’ (literally Sugar Aunt Fund) has no English equivalent, allow us to start by explaining how this fund came to be. Let us say that we have accumulated a piggybank of funds which we wish to give away, but the recipients of these funds must satisfy certain requirements.

In Tilburg, the Netherlands we have two stores: Tante (Auntie) Pollewop opened in 2007 and is a second-hand clothing store run by about 50 volunteers. At our second shop Uit Liefde (Because of Love) we have been selling pre-loved and sometimes new wedding gowns since 2015. Because both stores are thriving businesses, the piggybank has accumulated a generous amount of money that we wish to donate to relevant projects every year.

To apply for funding for your project, please read the following guidelines and conditions:

· Preference goes in particular to projects that support women and children and increase their chances for a better future.

· Applications for projects in developing countries originate in Midden-Brabant in the Netherlands.

· Convince us of the necessity and of your passion.

· Afterwards we require a clear evaluation with photos and an overview of expenses (3 photos, overview of expenses, substantiation).

· Projects must have a clear co-financing or personal commitment. Think of fundraising campaigns, own resources, other sponsors, etc.

· We will not support a subsequent project until the initial one has been completed and approved.

· We will support applications for maximum EUR 5,000.

Please submit a project plan providing the following information:

Name of foreign organization:

Postal code and/or complete address:

E-mail address:

Social media and website details:

Bank account details:

Applicant's Name:

Function within the organization:

E-mail address:

Telephone number:

Name of partner organization(s) in the Netherlands, if any:

Name contact person:

Function within the organization:

E-mail address:

Telephone number:


Which region and/or city will the project target?

What circumstances or issues gave rise to the project?

What is the aim of your project?

Intended start date: Intended completion date:

What results do you expect to achieve?

Total cost of the project in local currency (enclose a bill of quantities):

Requested contribution in local currency:

Details of co-funders: name and amount donated

How will you contribute to the project yourself?

Name of a reference:

Upload the following documents here:

• Project plan

• Bill of Quantities

• Coverage plan

• Recent Annual Report including Financials Please sent all data to: